Ezekiel Blog: Beginning, somewhere in the middle before the end…

Suppose, that for matters involving your soul, and any type of discovery process you may be in, there really is no good place to start. There is no nice and tidy square one to put your chip on and roll the dice.  But, that is OK. Souls, in my opinion, wake up and expand when things are messy. It is usually under some unforseen circumstance, some out of the blue clash of wills, or impending doom that recently arrived, that you begin to notice that your soul is up and about and taking notes, making suggestions, and pointing out possibilities that would never have occurred to you when you were in “your right mind”.   But that is just one of the differences between mind and soul; one of those two does not have to be exactly square or right to haul off down a path of potential discovery.

So this blog, catches me in the middle. And I’m reading some different things along the way. That being the case, I thought I’d make some note of what I’m reading and anything else that happens to happen while in the process of blowing out some cobwebs.

I’m reading Ezekiel for the first time for the 8th time. I’m also reading a commentary on Ezekiel – but I think I have a few of my own comments to boot. Plus I’m reading another book called New Kind of Christianity.  It’s typical for me to let my brain be pulled in a couple of directions at once.  But there is something about Ezekiel that has always resounded with me…

Peace everyone.

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A musician and philospher with strong metaphysical ties into the mystical world, but still geeky enough to be able to hold down a full time job in the super-high tech sector. And I give all my music away for free. http://www.madeloud.com/artists/lynn-ragan is where all my music is. I love to cook and invent new recipes. I've been a Native American flute recording artist who still gives his music away for free. Blues and Gospel guitar player too. Composer by Bachelor of Arts training, and still as my artistic expression. Bragging rights Composer. Degree in Music. Powwow lead-singer for Whitecalf singers, Nemaha Singers. Guest singer at Lakota Nation and Kola singers. Been to the Bahamas and Grand Cayman. Hiked Canyon Dechelle in winter. Hiked the Grand Canyon in the middle of summer. Powwow singer for ten years. Swam in the great lakes. Baptized in the Gulf of Mexico. Hiked to a volcano in Hawaii.

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