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I’m reading through a commentary on Ezekiel while I am reading Ezekiel for the umpteenth time.  I just wanted some fresh perspective – see it through different eyes.  The book is called “The Prophet Ezekiel”  by Arno C. Gaebelein.   I was able to pull this down from the Gutenburg.org project.

So far it is a very good background source.  I find that I’m focusing a little less on minutia, but some new impressions are popping out at me.   I like the way the commentary is written in that it makes an effort to show the relationship of Ezekiel with other prophetic books. It also tries to provide details concerning the person of Ezekiel and his day to day environment.  It’s all very good information, but I’m trying to get more out of this than just an academic review.  I think this Commentary volume provides a very good balance so far.

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