Ezekiel blog: What comes around….

I’ve made it to a new section of Ezekiel’s writing. I refer to it as the roll call of nations. It begins with Chapter 25 and a quick walk through judgements on Ammon, Edom, Moab, and Phillistia; clockwise around the nations of Judah and Israel.  Interestingly, it starts with the Ammonites, the very people that God warned the people of Israel about way back in the book of Judges during the recounting of the Exodus story, eg. don’t start worshipping their idols, etc.

Reading through this, at a high level, a couple of morals can be inferred; the chiefest of which is that God doesn’t seem to like it when people gloat over the misfortunes of others.

In short, however, all of these sub-chapters can be summed up with the phrase, “what comes around, goes around.”

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A musician and philospher with strong metaphysical ties into the mystical world, but still geeky enough to be able to hold down a full time job in the super-high tech sector. And I give all my music away for free. http://www.madeloud.com/artists/lynn-ragan is where all my music is. I love to cook and invent new recipes. I've been a Native American flute recording artist who still gives his music away for free. Blues and Gospel guitar player too. Composer by Bachelor of Arts training, and still as my artistic expression. Bragging rights Composer. Degree in Music. Powwow lead-singer for Whitecalf singers, Nemaha Singers. Guest singer at Lakota Nation and Kola singers. Been to the Bahamas and Grand Cayman. Hiked Canyon Dechelle in winter. Hiked the Grand Canyon in the middle of summer. Powwow singer for ten years. Swam in the great lakes. Baptized in the Gulf of Mexico. Hiked to a volcano in Hawaii.

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