About me

I am a musician, outdoors lover, cook, fluteplayer, scripture reader with a heavy interest in mathematics.  I graduated from the University of Missouri Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in music composition.  I discovered that all of the music theory and practicum I was being taught originated from Europe and parts of Russia.  I wondered about the music from the North American part of the world and so began my pursuit of Native American musical study.

I had the good fortune to know some very generous people from the Native community who-over time- shared with me much of their music in the form of Powwow and prayer songs.  I had opportunity to learn, practice and perform for over a decade with some absolutely amazing musicians, such soulful singers from many tribes including, Ioway, Lakota, Omaha, Washo, Navajo, Quawpaw, Ponca, Osage, Mesquakie, Kickapoo, Sac and Fox, and Potowatomi.  These good people shared so much rich culture with me.

I am an ordained minister, anointed by the hand of my father and a very tall Apache/Aztec Native American man named Paul.   I have served in ministry since I was 13 years old, preaching, teaching classes, holding discussion groups, and doing volunteer work in the community.  One of my favorite things to do is to grab my guitar at Christmas time and go visit a care facility for shut-ins. I’ll sit an play for them for hours, one carol after another and share what ever history about each song that I know.

To me, music, scripture, history, and ministry are all one and the same thing.  Speaking with the spiritual leaders from the native communities helped me solidify an understanding that all things truly can be and, in reality, are spiritual rather than temporal. In other words, what we do matters. Where we focus our will, our commitment, our compassion, our ability to forgive; these are the things that change the world.

So I study scripture. More than that, I study sacred writings.  I look deep inside to find out what it means to me.  And I’m sharing some of that here.

You can download listen to my music here:   http://www.madeloud.com/artists/lynn-ragan/

Most of my music is free to download. All of my Native American fluteplaying is free – it’s my way of giving back to so many good people who helped me learn.

Oh yeah, I like to go fishing and horseback riding too. Love it actually. 🙂


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