What is this all about anyway?

I’m just looking for some clear air above me. I’ve been studying, reading, pursuing spiritual insight almost literally my whole life. As I read some of these sacred writings, sometimes the story just falls open to me.  Over the years as someone who has been annointed, ordained and ministered in the field among real people, I’ve begun to collect an attic of stuff in my head. To be perfectly candid, not all of it falls within the firmly established lines of traditional religious themes and interpretations. I find some of those to be lacking in several ways, most importantly in how a given person off the street can hope to approach scripture and other sacred writings and form an insightful bond which triggers a thirst for deeper exploration of faith.  More often than not, an new person, investigating scripture is beaten over the head with established dogma and interpretation, or completely overwhelmed with mass-marketed platitudes, catch-phrases, and assumed meanings of sub-verse extractions.

So, I’m looking for breathing room, for fresh air, for open sky.  And I’ll share what I see with you if you’d like to tag along.


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