I thought I should begin keeping a list of all the books I’ve used as reference for this process.  It has been interesting reading to be sure.

  • Barton, John, and John Muddiman, eds. ‘The Oxford Bible Commentary’. New York: Oxford, 2001.
  • Zondervan House. ‘Handbook to the Bible’. Michigan: Grand Rapids, 1999.
  • Harrelson, Walter. ‘Interpreting the Old Testament’. ed. Holt, Reinhart & Winston inc. New York, 1964.
  • Smith, J.M. Powis. ‘The Prophets and Their Times’. ed. William A. Irwin. Illinois: Chicago, 1941.
  • ‘The Holy Scriptures, Inspired Version’. ed. Joseph Smith Jr. Missouri: Independence, 1974.
  • ‘Archeological Study Bible’. ed. Zondervan House. Michigan: Grand Rapids, 2005. Print.
  • Gaebelien, Arno C. ‘The Prophet Ezekiel, An Analytical Exposition’. ed. Our Hope, New York 1918.
  • ‘The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel’. ed. Owen Charles Whitehouse D. D. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott co., 1902 MCMII.


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